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With the constant petrol price high right now. With the high fare, the haste of transferring your bags to one place to another, and the risk of you might traveling with the snatcher or robber. You will end up not enjoying your vacation. Here are some saving tips on road trips. Get your car in shape have the engine tuned, check the tyres and the spear tyres if they are properly inflated and use the correct motor oil to improve your fuel mileage. Pack light every 45 kilograms your pack will decrease the fuel savings. Don't pump premium despite the name premium oil will not change your mileage or performance of your car. It's just a waste of money. Pack some snacks and water enough for your road trip food sold in gasoline station convenience store are 10 times more expensive than in the grocery store. Fill up at the cheapest gasoline station. So pack your bags and enjoy the summer with your family.