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Just this morning when my family have breakfast we heard from the News about 17 year old boy killing 9 students, 3 teachers and 3 civilians in his former high school in Winnenden, Gemany - before he took his own life. It really scares us and worried for the safety our children especially now. How children at the young age expose to such violence and sometimes at sex. I remember the news last February about a young boy (Alfie Patten) became a father at the age of 13. Sometimes, we could not blame the children on what is happening to them. The adults are more responsible and great influence of such violence. They(children), need our guidance, love, understanding and support from us especially at their difficult times.

  1. Ron Centeno Thursday, March 12, 2009  
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  2. Ron Centeno Thursday, March 12, 2009  

    Very disturbing. That's why we have to be careful. It's not easy nowadays when kids are exposed to the computer world where they can see anything they want.