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Sometimes too much expectation in life and too many failure to perform what we expected will frustrate us.However, we are able to live without assurance that we live in a very comfortable life. In order to be free, we need to face the insecurities of life with infinite question in our heart rather than demanding for immediate answers to our questions. With out knowing that our answers will just arrived in their own time and at the right place without expecting it.

Human sexual need or lack of need will change as we mature. It might be impossible for two person to have harmonious level of desire.Great understanding are needed to listen more when lack of harmony arises. We are gifted to bring message to one another through sexual sharing. But it requires great discipline-of not complaining,not blaming, and not judging.The ultimate discipline of unconditional love and curiosity.
There are so many reasons why two persons are drawn sexually the need to be reassured, to be safe, to be one, to feel valued or to heal the misunderstanding, to do our duty, to express our love so on and so forth. What ever the reasons are there are part of deep drive towards wholeness and love.
But sometimes each reasons will also comes in different energy level. Like for example, The need of an assurance that we are loved and valued. Our partner sometimes considered their duty to give you, in that non of us will be satisfied.
Our characteristics as strong and sensitive as our sexuality, it will become our central point where we discover our fears. It takes courage to surpass our fear. But when we do, we open the way for great happiness and discovery of ourselves. The more we are freely shared ourselves to our love one the more we are satisfied intimately in our sexual harmony.

My star was shine and my dreams begin.
Camiguin known to be the island of your imagination and other described as the most beautiful island in the Philippines. The island boasts of excellent white sand just in the coastline you'll find an excellent and healthy coral reef. The island has majestic volcanic mountains good for the mountainering who want to adventure the rocky cliffs. They also have natural water falls,cold spring,hot spring, soda spring, and pristine lagoon. The island is also famous for its sweet Lanzones because of its soil and weather conditions. The island also celebrated festivals.
Lanzones Festival-held in every October, it was a one week celebration and two days ground festival
Panaad-held every Holy Thursday and Good Friday, a yearly devotion by walking and trekking the old vulcano as expression of penitence and spiritual enrichment.

The island can be reach by Boat and Airplane.


1. From Port of Cebu (Pier 8)take a ferry bound for Camiguin(Super Shuttle Ferry) every Friday.
2. From Port of Cebu (Pier 4 & 5)take a ferry bound for Port of Cagayan de Oro City,then proceed to Agora Bus Terminal,then take a bus for Balingoan.At Balingoan take another ferry bound for Camiguin Island. Daily
3. From the City of Tagbilaran Bohol take a bus for town of Jagna and take a ferry for Camiguin Island. Daily


1. From the Mactan Cebu Domestic Airport take a plane direct for Camiguin Island ( Asian Spirit)
2. From the Airport of Cagayan de Oro City then proceed to Agora Bus Terminal,then take a bus for Balingoan.At Balingoan take a ferry bound for Camiguin Island.

Camiguin is peaceful island in the northern part of Mindanao there is no treats for terrorist on local and foreigners.


My 5 years old son Mateo, loves watching Betty La Fea (ABS-CBN program) our suprised my son draw this broken heart and said "Pa, this is the heart of Armando and Betty because they don't love each other anymore. Above the broken heart he draws a heart and he said " Pa , Ma, this is your heart because I see you both love each other" We were so suprised on his young age he could distinguise the value of love and respect in relationship. I am now confident and proud that when he grows up he will be come a better man.

When I look back at times when I was so down in my life. I have always been aftraid and thinking what it was I feared of. I realize how exaggerated I was over the pictures made by my fears. Sometimes ,the thought of being fear makes me believe that they are real but what makes it real is, I give them power on having a fearful thought . Now, I learned to have more power on myself and not my fear. I have to bring out the best of me and my family...

Scuba diving is one of my favorite pass time at the same time great bonding of my son every Sunday in Maribago, Mactan Island Cebu.

Mandaue, has always been my second home. My wife, a true blue Mandauehanon, help me discover and witnessed the true beauty of Mandaue. Mandaue city is known to be the home of industrial and export company but it has its own share of history in Cebu.

The old "Municipio" has only one storey. In late 70's the second floor was constructed.

National Shrine of St. Joseph houses the"Señor de Cena", a life size statues of Jesus and his 12 Apostles. These hundred years old replica is said to be the only one of a kind in the whole world.

Cebu International Convention Center
Built last April 2006 for the 12th Asian Summit.
Mandauehanon are really proud of their city which is tagged to be an industrial hub of Cebu. Hopefully Mandaue City will also be known for its rich in history and heritages.

"When you are in trouble, a true friend will be the first to rush for help. Out one true friend is God who has been our comrade through the entire endless adventure of existence".

- Rev. Borja

What I have learned right now is the value of my family and God... I remember how I
used to spend to much time with my friends going out every night have a drinking spree and went home drunk. How my wife just cried and so disappointed on me when I came home so drunk. But from what I have experiencing right now that I lost my job...I also lost my so called FRIENDS.... Now, I realize the one true friend I have are my family and God who is always there for me in my trouble times, they give me strength to face everything. I don't have to waste my time looking back at what I have lost. I learned not to take for granted my family for I might wake up one day I lost my DIAMOND because I'm so busy collecting stones.


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BMW is one of the most expensive car but my BMW is not all about car but it also most expensive one.

Bless my Work!!!

Bless my Wisdom!!!

Bless my Way!!!

Have a good day!!!

by:Rev. Carlos Borja

Malapascua Island, is found in the norther part of Cebu, Philippines. It has very nice white sand beaches. Ideal for swimming and snokeling. If your fun of scuba diving the island is rich of marine life. Malapascua Island can be reached by 4 hours trip on Ceres Bus Liner from Mandaue City North Bus Terminal to Maya, Daanbantayan. The a 1 hour motor boat ride to the island for only P40.00. There are simple resorts in the Island were you can stay and you can also buy fresh sea food from the local folks and have it cooked.

Relationships are not perfect. To make it work we have to go through a lot of trials,Love is not exactly as sweet and romantic like we see in movies and read in novels. There's the petty quarrels and jealousy. But getting through with these, are not guarantee that you have a perfect relationship.
You have to experience all of those trials to make your relationship work. Based on, our experience with my wife here are some ideas that might help you guys to work on your relationship.
Communication, is the most important in relationship.If you have problems or argument its better to talk and fix it before it's too late. Keeping your thoughts or anger all by yourself will make it worst.You might end-up regretting on things you've said and done because you keep all your anger all by yourself.Communicating with your partner doesn't mean you only talk because you have a problem. Take time to talk anything,reflect on whats going on with your relationship.Have sometime alone with your partner,Go on a date,Do things you both love to do. As much as possible try new things enjoy each others company.Most important things in relationship will not work without love. But it also comes with patience and understanding. Build your relationship on something stronger than love. Being a friend and a lover to your partner will make your relationship more meaningful.

Today, is a day to celebrate the spirit of love and to express your feelings. As they say today is Lover's Holiday, a day were couple gives chocolates, flowers or gifts to each other. According Hatfield and Hapson, love have two types. The passionate and compassionate. Passionate love is a powerful emotional reaction where you keep on thinking on your love one and it also involves warm sexual feelings. Compassionate love is tender and trusting feeling to someone close to you. Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love have three components, the passion, intimacy and commitment. Passion is a physical attraction to the person that makes you feel in love. It s mostly influences your decision to love the person. Intimacy a feeling of being connected and close to the person that makes you want to share your emotional and material support. Commitment is a bind between two persons to love, support and promise to be there when things get tough.

Love is when you smile thinking that someones loves you just the way you are, someone who loves and always be there for you in good and bad times. HAPPY HEARTS DAY TO ALL, LETS CELEBRATE LOVE...

For almost 6 years working... I just lost my job last night. I can't imagine how can we survive with my family. Having kids who are still young the eldest is 5 years old and the youngest is 2 months old. I have sleepless nights thinking what will I do with this. But I thank Papa God for enlighting my mind and heart, and for giving me my wife who give my strenght and encourage me not to give up. I have to be strong and think positive. I know everything what's happening right now is a part of God's ultimate plan, the eventually I will become better person and father to my children.

Fiesta Señor is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January.The feast is in honor of the holy image of Señor Sto. de Cebu. Sinulog is Cebu's biggest and most popular festival where people converge along the routes of the procession and partake in the gaiety amidst a Mardi-gras type parade immersed in the wild-colored costumes with constant beating of drums.

Prayer to the Sto. Niño

O Most Amiable Jesus, humblest and yet the greatest, the poorest and yet the richest, the weakest and yet the most powerful, do bless us and protect us for thou has reigned in virtues, our guide in all our endeavors, and our strength in times of sorrow.

By becoming like a Child Lord Jesus, you proved that you're not a far God, but someone close to us being together with us in the stark realities of life. indeed, your generous kindness goes beyond our merits and fondest hopes of our prayers. Shower us your love. Forgive us the sins of which our consciences are afraid, and grant us the blessings we dare not even ask for. With all the fervor of our soul, hear our prayer. Amen.

First impression means a lot on dating. You may not agree with me but that the real truth on dating. That's why you have to look good on your first date. You will not probably going to wear the first outfit you've seen in your closet. You even going to spend hours in your mirror, wondering what are you going to wear,do you look good on it. And even asking yourself some questions like the "what if"; what if don't like me?, what if he find you boring? what if he dump you to another girl by the end of the night....(oh that's really hurt). Here are some tips on dating:

Your body:

1. "Dirty" is a big turn off. Spend some hours to take a bath and wash your hair.
2. Your hands, people tends to look at your hands, cut your long nails and if you have sometime go to your nearest salon and have a manicure and pedicure.
3. Brush you hear.
4. Brush your teeth and gargle some breath freshener for some sweet smile and breath.
5. Put some of your favorite cologne or perfume. But don't over do it your date might end up having a terrible headache due to your smell.

Your Outfit:

1. Sing and dance to your favorite music while dressing, it will help you get in the mood and uplift your spirit.
2. Asked your date the venue so that you will know what is the perfect outfit that matches the venue. Dress to impress.
3. Wear sexy and comfortable underwear. This will boost your confidence and you will feel sexy. Remember Confidence is sexy.
4. Choose an outfit that will bring out your personality dress normally,comfortably you might not enjoy on your date because you were so conscious the whole time.

Your Mind:

1. Build a good conversation and communication. Talk about your interest, likes, hobbies, sports, work, pet, etc. You'll never know you might have the same interest. Be attentive and listen to your date.
2. Always have your sense of humor. Don't reveal your secrets on your date, you might end-up the talk of the town after your first date. Avoid talking about you and your ex.

Your Manners:

1. Don't forget to say "Thank you" and "Please".
2. Don't expect too much. Remember to find something nice on your date and compliment him/ her. Even in your first sight, you already know that she's not your type, be friendly and courteous you might find by the end of your date, you can find a good friend.

Enjoy and have fun on your date.