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My star was shine and my dreams begin.
Camiguin known to be the island of your imagination and other described as the most beautiful island in the Philippines. The island boasts of excellent white sand just in the coastline you'll find an excellent and healthy coral reef. The island has majestic volcanic mountains good for the mountainering who want to adventure the rocky cliffs. They also have natural water falls,cold spring,hot spring, soda spring, and pristine lagoon. The island is also famous for its sweet Lanzones because of its soil and weather conditions. The island also celebrated festivals.
Lanzones Festival-held in every October, it was a one week celebration and two days ground festival
Panaad-held every Holy Thursday and Good Friday, a yearly devotion by walking and trekking the old vulcano as expression of penitence and spiritual enrichment.

The island can be reach by Boat and Airplane.


1. From Port of Cebu (Pier 8)take a ferry bound for Camiguin(Super Shuttle Ferry) every Friday.
2. From Port of Cebu (Pier 4 & 5)take a ferry bound for Port of Cagayan de Oro City,then proceed to Agora Bus Terminal,then take a bus for Balingoan.At Balingoan take another ferry bound for Camiguin Island. Daily
3. From the City of Tagbilaran Bohol take a bus for town of Jagna and take a ferry for Camiguin Island. Daily


1. From the Mactan Cebu Domestic Airport take a plane direct for Camiguin Island ( Asian Spirit)
2. From the Airport of Cagayan de Oro City then proceed to Agora Bus Terminal,then take a bus for Balingoan.At Balingoan take a ferry bound for Camiguin Island.

Camiguin is peaceful island in the northern part of Mindanao there is no treats for terrorist on local and foreigners.