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"When you are in trouble, a true friend will be the first to rush for help. Out one true friend is God who has been our comrade through the entire endless adventure of existence".

- Rev. Borja

What I have learned right now is the value of my family and God... I remember how I
used to spend to much time with my friends going out every night have a drinking spree and went home drunk. How my wife just cried and so disappointed on me when I came home so drunk. But from what I have experiencing right now that I lost my job...I also lost my so called FRIENDS.... Now, I realize the one true friend I have are my family and God who is always there for me in my trouble times, they give me strength to face everything. I don't have to waste my time looking back at what I have lost. I learned not to take for granted my family for I might wake up one day I lost my DIAMOND because I'm so busy collecting stones.