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Human sexual need or lack of need will change as we mature. It might be impossible for two person to have harmonious level of desire.Great understanding are needed to listen more when lack of harmony arises. We are gifted to bring message to one another through sexual sharing. But it requires great discipline-of not complaining,not blaming, and not judging.The ultimate discipline of unconditional love and curiosity.
There are so many reasons why two persons are drawn sexually the need to be reassured, to be safe, to be one, to feel valued or to heal the misunderstanding, to do our duty, to express our love so on and so forth. What ever the reasons are there are part of deep drive towards wholeness and love.
But sometimes each reasons will also comes in different energy level. Like for example, The need of an assurance that we are loved and valued. Our partner sometimes considered their duty to give you, in that non of us will be satisfied.
Our characteristics as strong and sensitive as our sexuality, it will become our central point where we discover our fears. It takes courage to surpass our fear. But when we do, we open the way for great happiness and discovery of ourselves. The more we are freely shared ourselves to our love one the more we are satisfied intimately in our sexual harmony.