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For almost 6 years working... I just lost my job last night. I can't imagine how can we survive with my family. Having kids who are still young the eldest is 5 years old and the youngest is 2 months old. I have sleepless nights thinking what will I do with this. But I thank Papa God for enlighting my mind and heart, and for giving me my wife who give my strenght and encourage me not to give up. I have to be strong and think positive. I know everything what's happening right now is a part of God's ultimate plan, the eventually I will become better person and father to my children.

  1. Lepri Felix Tuesday, February 10, 2009  

    always pray & believe to God...
    he will answer ur prayer if you never give up...
    God will always be with you & ur family Juvel...

  2. Johanna Mariae Tuesday, February 10, 2009  

    just be strong and believe in yourself and to God...

  3. pchi Wednesday, February 11, 2009  

    I am sorry to know that you lost your job

    I hope you can find other means to support your family

    God bless you :D

  4. The Paraplegic Chef Thursday, February 12, 2009  

    I am so sorry to hear this. Everything happens for a reason and soon you will find out why.

    Thank you for following me. I look forward to more posts to read.

  5. Straight to Your Hart Thursday, February 12, 2009  

    OH, I am so sorry. Reading your words of comfort to yourself was so refreshing. My God Bless you and continue to keep your "cup" filling through this process.

    Thank you for the follow...Have a great day!

  6. Walt Friday, February 13, 2009  

    I am so very sorry for what my nation has done to the lives, of good men like you. I fear that many will die, all because of it's greed and lust for power. The leaders of my outlaw country are like drowning rats, and will try to drag the world down with them. If you have American money get rid of it, soon it will be worth nothing!