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Today, is a day to celebrate the spirit of love and to express your feelings. As they say today is Lover's Holiday, a day were couple gives chocolates, flowers or gifts to each other. According Hatfield and Hapson, love have two types. The passionate and compassionate. Passionate love is a powerful emotional reaction where you keep on thinking on your love one and it also involves warm sexual feelings. Compassionate love is tender and trusting feeling to someone close to you. Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love have three components, the passion, intimacy and commitment. Passion is a physical attraction to the person that makes you feel in love. It s mostly influences your decision to love the person. Intimacy a feeling of being connected and close to the person that makes you want to share your emotional and material support. Commitment is a bind between two persons to love, support and promise to be there when things get tough.

Love is when you smile thinking that someones loves you just the way you are, someone who loves and always be there for you in good and bad times. HAPPY HEARTS DAY TO ALL, LETS CELEBRATE LOVE...

  1. Bocha Saturday, February 14, 2009  

    Hola que tal

    Soy Bocha, creador del blog Abran Cancha. Estoy muy interesado en tener un intercambio de links con tu blog, la verdad que me ha gustado mucho y seria un honor tenerlo entre mis enlaces. Un abrazo grande y te digo que aunque nuestro blogs sean de temáticas diferentes… el intercambio te ayudaría mucho, para que tus ideas puedan llegar a más gente.

    Agrégame a seguidores…

  2. The Law Saturday, February 14, 2009  

    I put myself in the compassionate category! Tho I will flying solo this V-Day, I wish the rest of the world a happy one!

  3. Makoy Saturday, February 14, 2009  

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  4. HEALTH NUT WANNABEE MOM Saturday, February 14, 2009  

    Happy Valentines Day! Great blog!